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Lyrics to "Missing the World":
©2018, Michael Barrett Dixon. All Rights Reserved.

Glowing lights on faces,
As the world passes by.
No one ever looks up
And I cannot understand why.

When will you realize
Your time on Earth is so short.
One blink of an eye, and it’s gone…

So while you’re missing the world
And all of its imperfections,
You should take in all of the wonders that surround us.
So while you’re missing the world
You’ve lost time with the ones you love.
And soon your loved ones are gone,
They’ve died or moved on.
And you’ve lost your chance to share a moment…never to return.

Words are not spoken,
Avoiding eye contact.
Connected to the world,
But cut-off from reality.

Talking face-to-face,
Breathing your surroundings.
Don’t trust the digital images,
Just your own eyes.


It’s not too late,
There are connections to break.
When digital distractions are gone,
Life opens up its arms.
See the world around you,
breathe in those around you,
In the few years you have left.
Don’t miss this chance.
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New single just about ready. We're all guilty. My generation started it. We're drowning in our smartphones. This song was unfortunately inspired by my teen daughter's generation that often disconnects from the real world and misses too much of what's around them. ... See MoreSee Less

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New “Christmas Lake” EP released worldwide on December 15! These four instrumental/EDM (electronic dance music) tracks were originally recorded in 2011 but never released. Now remastered, these tracks are ready for listening! Catch it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon MP3, GooglePlay, Tidal, Pandora Now and more! ... See MoreSee Less

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First live performance in 18 years in the books! ... See MoreSee Less

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