Michael Barrett Dixon is a prolific composer, songwriter, producer and music educator.


June 24, 2024: (Update from Michael)

  • New Album coming soon! For years, my daughter has been nagging me to write a song about chicken nuggets. I tried off-and-on but never liked any of the ideas, but she kept asking. So I decided to experiment by partnering with AI in the creation process. I now have 15 songs about chicken nuggets! The AI assisted with song structure and provided all the vocals (scary, but effective). Genres covered on this album include pop, electronic, country, R&B, hip-hop, K-Pop, alternative rock and even a bit of sea shanty!

March 17, 2024: (Updates from Michael)

  • First time producing covers: Since Fall of 2024, I’ve been working on producing backing tracks for a selection of covers, in anticipation of future live performances that I’ll perform along with a selection of original songs. I never expected the effort to be so challenging, but the results have been rewarding. Music from a-ha, Dire Straits, Human League, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Chromeo, Depeche Mode, Gary Go and Poison comprise the blend of covers currently in rehearsal.
  • Still work-in-progress: electro pop album: I began writing and recording several new songs for another new electronic pop album in 2022, but that work took a backseat as I worked to finish the Teasdale Album. I hope to restart this album work in 2024. Album synopsis: After all the talk of going to Mars (or in some cases, people just in that nomadic spirit following being cooped up during COVID), the ongoing futuristic theme here is about “leaving” and destinations. It’s a return to my electronic pop roots as well. I already have album artwork (created through the use of AI, which seemed natural for this album). A couple song titles include “One Way Ticket” and “Leaving”. The album will start with an instrumental prelude to set the tone.

June 16, 2023:

The Teasdale Album

After 15 years, The Teasdale Album has finally found its way to the world! This is a unique fusion of the lyrical poetry of Pulitzer Prize winner Sara Teasdale (1884-1933) with Michael’s 21st-Century electronic synth-pop. Carefully crafting each song has taken a very long time, but here’s hoping you like the result! Learn more about why it took 15 years, the album’s entire backstory, and each song by reading the track-by-track notes/commentary.

It is his intention to donate streaming revenue from this album to the Virginia and Missouri chapters of the charity American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Why this charity? Tragically, at age 48, Sara took her own life after battling depression and illnesses. Sara was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was buried there, thus the choice for Missouri’s AFSP chapter. Michael was born in Virginia and lived here for a most of his life, and thus wanted to support the Virginia chapter of AFSP.

In addition, Michael produced music videos for most tracks and posted them on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

July 16, 2021: New album Resolved. released!

artwork for ResolvedAn uplifting, direct follow-up to 2018’s moody album Issues, this aptly named sequel, Resolved is full of positive messages, up-beat alternative rock/new wave songs that harken back to the prime time of The Cure, Men at Work, a-ha, and numerous others. After 18 months of a pandemic, there was a need to focus on the positive and finding a way to move on. These 10 songs (and one instrumental) strive to provide that good vibe of resolution and positive outcomes…once you get past the first song! Learn more about each song by reading the track-by-track notes!

You can own it/stream it on Bandcamp with digital liner notes for just $7.00. Other options include:

April 15, 2021: New Single “18”!

To celebrate our daughter’s 18th birthday, here’s an upbeat but heartfelt new single from a parent’s perspective! Anyone with children close to this age (or beyond it) will understand the emotions of this big day. This track will be on the upcoming Resolved. album in July 2021.

October 30, 2020: New Electronic Album ESCAPE released!

artwork for Escape albumMy third album release of this year is finally here! ESCAPE features 22 instrumental tracks that can help you escape from the pressures of the year 2020. This album is part of my “Dixon Vault Series” of albums, featuring original electronic instrumentals ranging from moody and atmospheric to orchestral and triumphant!

Read a track-by-track commentary for this album that offers details behind each composition, from inspirations to vintage synthesizers used to make them!

The album is available worldwide on over 150 streaming and digital platforms, including these popular choices:

Music can also be used to accompany your videos in Instagram and TikTok! Just do a search for “Michael Barrett Dixon” and the song title.

August 7, 2020: New Electronic Album Music for Modern Dance released!album cover for Music for Modern Dance

The album is available worldwide on over 150 streaming and digital platforms including these (direct links):

As part of my “Dixon Vault Series” of albums, this new release features original works written for modern dance, including pieces commissioned by modern dance choreographers Patti Weeks, Richard Southerland, and Marissa Nesbit McCray.

Most of my collaboration with choreographers was during the 1990s and early 2000s, much of it composed on non-computer hardware…making it especially challenging when a choreographer needed to make changes or add a cue. As I virtually dusted off these electronic recordings and listened to them for the first time in decades, they seemed worthy of release to the world. Perhaps other dance instructors or choreographers might find these unique works useful in their creative efforts.

July 24, 2020: New Contemporary Jazz/Funk Album Opus 2 Released! 

Opus 2 album coverInspired by 8 jazz/funk greats and containing one original big band track, Opus 2 is an effort 28 years in the making! Read about the making of Opus 2 and check out a track-by-track commentaryYou can listen to the album at these (and more) locations:

April 11, 2020: Almost Free song & music video

I wanted to write an uplifting song dedicated to everyone in quarantine, to those suffering from COVID-19, to our wonderful health care people, and to those who are isolated from loved ones and friends. The words came easy and the melodies flowed thereafter. As we celebrate Easter this weekend, I hope this song provides encouragement, strength and hope as we all do our part to end this pandemic. Let’s hope we’re Almost Free.

March 3, 2020: Having some fun with Whisper Pop

It’s all the rage. This faint, drowsy singing style is the latest fad that comes across as intimate pop music, so I wanted to have a go at creating my own. Sleepy Song is a tongue-in-cheek, on-purpose cringe-worthy “poke” at this genre.

July 12, 2019: New instrumental EP released!


Aquarium EP is out! Five tracks spanning 25 minutes of amazing soundscapes await! Here’s a few popular places to listen:

You will hear elements of soundtrack, new age and electronic music, a tiny homage to Vangelis, and chill bump moments throughout. Read the full story and notes on each track.

September 3, 2018: New single/lyric video
As school starts for many children this time of year along with the chance for making new friends, I wanted to share a new song based on a real-life friendship between my daughter and her best friend in NC. No matter who you are, there is someone out there that “gets” you. I hope everyone finds that special friend to share life with over the years. Here’s the lyric video for “Perfect Friends”.

June 15, 2018: Issues album released!Issues album
Michael’s new album released on June 15, featuring new songs, some with a slight electronic 80s vibe. The album dabbles in various genres and a few songs (Ego, Take in the View) were inspired by our current president. Missing the World sends a message to smartphone addicted teens, and When We Could See for Miles paints a picture of concern for our planet. Early 80s taps Michael’s memories growing up in the 80s and Passage 21  is about a fictional watering hole. There’s something for everyone!