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Friday is the six month anniversary of the Woman's March on Washington. My song "Take in the View" was inspired by that event. Listen here: ... See MoreSee Less

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It's here! Check out my new single "Take in the View" at ... See MoreSee Less

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New song "Take in the View" is almost ready to share. Here's the lyrics (I think you might figure out who it's for):

Verse 1
Chill out, take heed on what you talk about.
Then think twice, no need to lie or sacrifice the truth…
It hurts, but you need to listen to your country.
Now’s the time, show compassion for the sake of us all.

Stand back, take in the view.
Protesters in your backyard and they’re calling on you
To do the right thing. Stop telling those lies.
The people want some honest so just give it a try.

Verse 2
Perhaps you need to take a little quiet time for yourself.
Resist the urge to share information you have not yet vetted.
Seek the truth; you will find that facts are your friends.
If your logic is sound, you can watch the media back on down.

You’ve got to slow down; make sure your feet are on the ground.
You’ve got to stay true; ‘cause telling the truth won’t let us down.
Choose wisely; we get so few second chances in this life.
So please hear me; take this message and save yourself for me…for us.
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