Michael is a composer, songwriter, and producer.

February 26, 2017: New single, “Take in the View” is out! Catch it only on Youtube!

January 29, 2017: New single, “Ego” is out! Catch it only on Youtube! This song may find its way on the new album later this year, or I may release it as a standalone single. Still thinking about that! —MBD

Michael’s latest album is a compilation (songs from 1986-2016) containing 15 tracks covering genres like pop, synth pop, electronic, alternative, country, rock, kids music, and even classical crossover! Something for everyone!

Also available for purchase/streaming on these services:

Slacker, Shazam, YouTube Music, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Microsoft Groove Music, eMusic, MediaNet, TradeBit, Deezer (Europe), 7Digital, OmniPhone, Boinc,  8Tracks, Guvera, Rara, GreatIndieMusic, Yandex (Russia), and InProdicon (Europe).